I hope this blog post might serve as a warning for others considering a stay at Hotel Demo in Milan, as my experience was not up to expected standards.

In mid November 2009 did some friends and I stay at Hotel Demo in Milan. Before coming there did it look alright; decent price and very close to the main train central. I should say that the rooms very clean and tidy as well, though with a floor area of about two m^2 it is not that much to clean, is there?

That written, Hotel Demo failed in two of three categories I consider the most important for a hotel during a short stay.

1. Clean and tidy – YES
2. Shower (with warm water) – NO
3. Good breakfast – NO

When I came to my room after a flight with Ryanair, I looked forward to a nice shower. To bad I could not get any warm water at all. The nice shower became a very quick and unpleasant exercise in speed refreshment. During my stay they claimed to have fixed the shower twice, but no warm water did reach it. But hey, less energy consumed = good for the environment, right?

Moving forward to the following morning I went down to what the hotel states as to be a “very good breakfast”. I can tell you that I expected somewhat more than some cereals and a few croissants. I did also expect to get a place to sit while enjoying the breakfast, but as you can see on the photo there are not that many chairs available (what you see on the photo is all there is).
As a last word I want to mention that Hotel Demo has ignored all emails I have sent since the stay. To wait for the promised reimbursement due to the shower is probably a wait in vain…