I have in the last few years been traveling quite frequently and have therefore had to arrange many different accommodation solutions. One thing I value much is clear information such as when and how to check in, but of course also to know how much the room will actually cost including all taxes and service charges.

Hotels.com is a frequently used search engine for hotels, but I must unfortunately put out a warning for the site. Though it also can help you to book the hotel, the price they state as being including all taxes and service charges might not be what you finally have to pay. When you arrive at the hotel they might take out any additional fee as they like, for instance a compulsory fee because there was a swimming pool at the resort. Note, you could not choose to not use the pool to get away from the fee; everyone had to pay it to stay at the hotel.

My recommendation is to never book through hotels.com, but instead contact the hotel directly. This will usually give you if not an even better deal then a deal just as good as what Hotels.com could present. With that said, Hotels.com can very well be used as a search engine for hotels but book it elsewhere.